Essay on What Makes A Good Thing?

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From magazine articles to Internet websites, happiness is one of the most prevalent topics for all types of media. Surveys are constantly being conducted where they question happiness, what it means to be genuinely happy, and how people become happy. Ideally, it would be much simpler if everyone had the same perception of happiness, but that isn’t the case. The range in lifestyles and personal characteristics of humans leaves an open debate as to what causes happiness. It is hard to believe that one simple word can mean so many different things to a variety of people. With thousands of answers worldwide, it’s impossible to pinpoint the root for happiness globally, however, happiness can best be achieved through a combination of being able to affect someone else in a positive way and cope with stressors in a manageable fashion.
Donating back and helping others is not only emotionally rewarding for the recipient of your doings, but also for yourself. When I was young, my parents pressed me on how giving back was a good thing, but I never realized it until I was older. As a child, my mother read the book “The Giving Tree” to me. The story is about a boy who visits a tree everyday and builds a strong relationship with the tree. Initially they would play all day long, but as the boy grew older, he would ask the tree for various things, such as apples or shade. The tree would always give the boy whatever he wanted, followed by saying that helping the boy made her happy. Time…

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