Essay about What Makes A Good Life?

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What is required for a person to have a “good life?” The answer is not quite clear. Some believe the good life consists solely in the experience of pleasure, while others think it consists of the acquisition of some set of goods. Another claim, one that consists of satisfying desires, is closest to my view. I will explain why the good life consists in satisfying desires, address an objection to my stance, and argue against the objection.
My opinion regarding the good life parallels the desire-satisfaction theory. In order for life to go well, desires must be satisfied. When desires are satisfied, feelings of fulfillment ensue. Fulfillment of desires leads to the “good” and happiness in life. The unhappiness and “bad” in life are caused when desires are not satisfied. In simple terminology, people will live the good life, for the most part, if they get what they want. For simplicity, I will say happiness corresponds with the “good life” while unhappiness corresponds with the “bad life.”
When determining the extent to which a person’s life is bettered or worsened, the intensity of the desire must be considered. A certain amount of happiness stems from the fulfillment of the desire. The satisfaction of strong desires results in a higher degree of happiness as opposed to the satisfaction of a weak desire. The inverse of this notion applies as well: the lack of fulfillment of a strong desire results in a large amount of unhappiness.
A summation of satisfied desires must be…

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