What Makes A Difficult Time? Essay

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What is love? Love is a term most commonly used, but often misunderstood. It can be defined as an intense feeling or deep affection, a sexual attachment to someone, or a great interest and pleasure to something. Love is patient, caring, and kind. Love is felt most when it 's genuine. To feel loved and to be loved enhances your level of happiness, and it also increases your emotional instability. There is nothing like receiving love from the one that you admire the most and knowing that it is real. Even when we’re going through a difficult time in our lives we want to be loved or feel loved. The definition of a “difficult time” can be articulated as being a storm. Storms occur in one’s life for a purpose. We experience storms to distant ourselves from situations and people who affect our life negatively and to grow into the person that we were called to be. Vivian Greene once said, “Life isn 't about waiting for the storm to pass...It 's about learning to dance in the rain.” Dancing in the rain can mean two things: get through the difficult time in your life or just literally dance.
In the story entitled “The Storm” by Kate Choppins, there were many incidents that occurred that brought forth a peculiar message about a storm. This particular storm provided an immaculate setting and symbol for all adulterous people having a secretive, yet unexplainable love affair. As the dark clouds rolled in, and the thunder rumbled from a distance. A man and his son decide to wait inside a…

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