Essay on What Law Is Paul Pope

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• What law is Paul referring to in this passage?
In Romans, chapter 7 verse 1, I think that Paul is refers to the Mosaic Law. This reading was focuses on the people who already knew the law, but Paul reinforces it to the Jews and Gentiles. Paul wanted to explain to the believers that were crucified alongside Christ have brought freedom from enslavement to the power of sin. The law has served to support sin. As we belong to Christ, the effect of the law has no more power over us. When we become liberated from the law, we are structured to new attachment, which is namely to the risen Lord Jesus Christ and His Spirit. Paul wants us to be delivered from the law and not open the door to sinful conduct.
• The body of Christ means?
Paul, in verse 4, mentions that men are considered dead to the law by the body of Christ. What does Paul mean when he refers to the body of Christ? According to Dictionary of Paul and his letters, the phrase, “the body of Christ,” was mentioned only four times throughout the Bible. Of those occurrences we see them in Romans 7:4, 1 Corinthians 10:16, 12:27, and Ephesians 4:12. There are other equivalent expressions that relate to the body of Christ that were also see within the Bible such as, “the body of the Lord,” “his body of flesh,” “his glorious body,” “his body,” and “my body.” These occurrences have a significant relation to both the physical crucified or resurrected body of Christ, and the metaphorical body of Christ, the church. In this…

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