What Is a Music? Essay examples

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What is Music?
The problem with answering the question “What is music?” is understanding what would constitute a proper answer. Music arises from human behaviour, and the study of human behaviour is part of biology. So any question about music is a question about biology, and every question about biology requires an answer within the framework of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.
2.1 Music is Something We Like
What is music? It’s what comes out of the speakers when we play a CD on our stereo. It’s what we hear on the radio. Music is singers singing and musicians playing. Music is a sound that we enjoy hearing.
Is this a proper answer to the question “What is music?”?
If I asked “What is a car?”, you could answer
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Or, at least, it’s not satisfactory if you’re a professional theoretical biologist. What does music have to do with biology? Music is something that people create and something that people respond to. People are living organisms, and biology is the study of living organisms.
We can compare music to eating. Eating is a well-known activity. People do it. Animals do it. We know what eating is: it is the ingestion of certain substances into our digestive systems. The ingested substances, or food, travel through the digestive system, where components of those substances are broken down and extracted by various means for use within the body.
Leftover portions of the food get pushed out the other end.
We can explain eating at a psychological level: we eat when we feel hungry because it makes us feel good. Being “hungry” can be defined as a feeling of wanting to eat food. We can determine that we become hungry when we haven’t eaten for a while,
and that we stay hungry (and slowly get hungrier) until we have eaten.
2.2.1 Having More Grandchildren
A professional biologist would explain the existence of hunger by saying that it is adaptive or, equivalently, that it is an adaptation.
A biologist calls something an adaptation if it contributes to having more grandchildren. Becoming hungry when we need to eat and eating when we are hungry contribute to having more

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