Essay about What Is The Triune Principle?

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• THE ETERNAL “TRIUNE PRINCIPLE” IMPLIES THAT EACH ‘LIVING UNIT’ IS COMPRISED OF THE ETERNAL ‘I’ - THE HIGHEST INNERMOST CORE SENSE OF INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY, THE ETERNAL ‘CREATIVE POWER’ or THE INDIVIDUAL ABILITIES TO ATTRACT & REPEL ENERGIES, AND TEMPORAL or ‘THE CREATED’ PART – “that is its Experiences or ‘Day-Consciousness’.” ‘THE CREATED’ manifests the particular logical combination of ETERNAL ‘Basic Energies’ of the Universe. (Quote from book # , ‘The Fate of Mankind’, chapter #16)
• However, these Three Principles are INSEPARABLE, UNSHAKABLE and UNDIVIDABLE. ”As they each express a specific principle, the ‘Cosmic Analysis’ of the ‘Living Being’ is expressed as "a Triune Principle". Life would certainly ‘die’ - cease to exist IF this is not the case. THREE ANALYSES OF THE SAME - ‘SOMETHING WHICH IS’ from different angles confirm, that only trinity or three principles MERGING into one reveals itself as a LIVING BEING’. (Quote from book # , ‘The Fate of Mankind’, chapter #16)
• Why is ‘TRIUNE PRINCIPLE ETERNAL? Martinus replies using magnificent intuitive clarity, “A ‘Living Being’ Differs from all other ‘Created’ Phenomena, which are TEMPORARY. ‘United Trinity’ “comes before "that which is created", it cannot itself have had a previous ‘Creator’ as its source….To think that the opposite could be the case, would be the same as believing that ‘something’ can come from ‘nothing’.” (Quote from ‘Livets Bog’ Vol. II, chapter #538)
• ‘Digging…

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