What Is The Role Of The Women In The Great Gatsby

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In this novel we notice how the men all come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and different breeds of money. We also see through the actions and motives of these men that they are the same at heart in the sense of their possessive and materialistic propensities, but if for a moment we shift our attention to the more dainter character leads we’ll see less coincidence between them. The women in this play are drastically different from each other in contrast to how the men are basically all the same in means of motives and desires. In this essay, I’ll elaborate on the motives, desires, and needs of the women in this play. Myrtle Wilson was desperate for a high quality of life, and would do anything for that as demonstrated by her actions. …show more content…
She was not unlike a beautiful flower floating through existence, easily influenced, frail weak, and softly planted into the ground. Daisy Buchanan former lover of Jay Gatsby and current wife of Tom Buchanan with whom she lives with on East Egg also with her daughter. Both her and Tom hail from old money, and do not understand the true value of hard work. Furthermore, Daisy is described in the novel as frivolous, careless, nostalgic, and delicate. In this novel, we get a sense that Daisy is trying to hold on to the girlhood of days as a child with days spent just floating through life without any repercussions. She is to used not having to completely face the there are consequences for every choice made. As a woman, she has to come to term and face the truth that she cannot hide from reality. Though, it appears that she has a difficult time with this throughout the novel. Notably, this can be seen in her childlike tendencies shown in many instances. For examples, Daisy is noticeably uncomfortable with making decisions for herself. This leaves Tom with the responsibility to speak and think as seen on pages 133 and 134. “Oh Tom Please I Can’t Stand This Anymore...You two can start on home now in Mr.Gatsby’s Car”(Pgs. 133 & 134). This whole dialogue displays she has no control over anything. Also, it shows the lack of woman in her character and the still flustered teenish girl. although she clearly has no sense autonomy, she does in fact have a deep sense or desire for love. her capacity for love is huge. you have to think she’s talking about being completely in love with two men and even tried pursuing her love for Gatsby with all of her “discreet” visits to his house. However, no matter how hard Gatsby tries to deny the fact that Daisy actually does hold love for Tom, it is indeed true. pg.133) “even alone I can’t say I never loved Tom” she loves him and she

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