How Does Holden Characterize The Catcher In The Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye is written about a boy, Holden Caulfield, around the 1950’s in an institution in California. Salinger makes clear in the beginning that he is troubled in some way because he 's already attended two other private schools, Whooton and Elkton, but unfortunately got kicked out of both. We find this out when Holden is explaining he also got kicked out if his present school Pencey Prep for not applying himself academically even though they have warned him what would happen if he did not start. Being 16 and thinking he knows more than he does, he says he doesn 't care and how everyone is phony there anyway which proves he likes to make excuses to “justify” himself.
Throughout the story he talks about people that have really
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Mr. Antolini gives a speech when he gets there that puts his asleep on the couch until he was awoken by him stroking his hair. Caulfeild bolted outdoors and wandered around until morning. During the morning he had a psychotic breakdown to where he thought he was going to fall off the curb and it would be like a cliff. At this point this shows Holden 's state of mind is very unstable and needs attention but ignores it and leaves Phoebe a note at her school because he was planning to really run away and wanted to tell her goodbye. After lunch she meets him with her suitcase saying she wanted to go. They had a heated argument but he didn 't want to leave things like that so he convinced her to go the the zoo. Being there lighten Phoebe 's mood and Holden became very happy watching her have a blast riding the rides in the rain. Holden leaves and goes home and goes to therapy to talk about everything he 's done. He immediately regrets talking about it because now he misses everyone. Actually everyone. Catcher in the Rye was an amazing book especially because we got to see and learn why Holden did and said the things he id unlike if we were an outsider. He is a very complex person with strong values who struggles like everyone else or a little more even though he is only 16. The book shows you can be any age or person and have any problem anyone else has, it 's just how you cope and manage with them in your everyday life. Whether you mope around, decide to change or what holden is kinda a little bit of

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