What Is The Theme Of Mental Illness In Are You Crazy?

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A: “Are you crazy?”- Craziness is a big theme in this novel. The phrase “Are you crazy?” isn’t something these mental hospital patients take lightly. When someone says this, or they say it to themselves, because they don’t see things the same way as someone else, they actually believe it.
B: Brain vs. Mind- The brain talks to itself and changes its perceptions as different parts are interacting with each other. Mental illness means the different parts have different opinions about something. The message sent between these neurons is wrong and the person gets confused.
C: Christmas in Cambridge- This is where Susanna met her future husband. They went out to watch a movie with a mutual friend and walked on the streets for a while. They ended
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She’s addicted to laxatives and has a compulsive eating disorder. She ends up killing herself from the heightened anxiety she had.
F: Fear- Susanna has a fear of not knowing what happens when she’s unconscious or doesn’t keep up with time. She constantly needs answers so she doesn’t miss anything that has happened in her life. When she went to get her tooth out she frisked out because the dentist wouldn’t tell her how much time he took to do that.
G: Girl, Interrupted- Girl, interrupted is the title of the novel. Susanna goes to an art museum and see this painting called “Girl Interrupted at her Music”. Susanna feels like she can relate to this painting. Her life was interrupted by going to the mental hospital.
H: Husband- Getting married could get someone out of the mental hospital, so Susanna did that. She married her husband and they were happy for a while but the marriage didn’t last.
I: Identity Disorder- Identity Disorder is Susanna’s diagnosis. The person who gave her this diagnosis did it in a mere 20 minutes. She didn’t think anything was wrong with her but didn’t leave the mental hospital when she could. The signs of this include confusion about what to do in life but teenagers often don’t know what to do
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She hid items like lightbulbs and was unpredictable. Lisa could also be cruel and she would help other people escape but wouldn’t escape herself.
M: McLean Hospital- This was the name of the mental hospital where Susanna stayed. It had many levels for the different intensity of diagnosis or behavior one had.
N: Naked bones- They felt like they had no privacy her at the mental hospital. The nurses would check on the patients constantly and didn’t give them a lot of rights. Susanna felt like she would forget how to do things as an adult and would have to learn adult activites and responsibilities again because the nurses did everything.
O: Outdoor Trips- They went out for ice cream very rarely with a bunch of nurses and everyone at the ice cream parlor would avoid looking at them because they knew they were from the mental hospital. The hospital had beautiful gardens also but people would rarely be authorized to go there.
P: Polly- Polly set herself on fire and that’s how to got to the mental hospital. She was usually very cheerful and almost happy to be there but one day was started acting wild and was noticing her scarred body. This is when Susanna realized that that everyone could go back to their normal lives, but Polly would always stay like

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