Lord Of The Flies: Summary

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Lord of the Flies - Short Book Summary by Yousef Awadh Al Shammari 11b1

William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies, tells us a story about human behavior created by a pseudo-society, or a false society formed by a group of boys. This story is an allegory which is a story where characters are symbols of real life human behavior. Each character in this story symbolizes something in real life. William believed that no one can control the evil inside every person. There are several outstanding characters in this story including Ralph, Piggy, Simon and many more.Ralph represents order and civilization which eventually loses power against savagery, disorder and wildness. Piggy and his glasses represents knowledge and science, which cannot
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The British school boys were on a plane which was shot down. Piggy suggest blowing into the shell to make a sound which the other boys and adults (if there are any) will hear and come to the beach. Moments later boys arrive at the beach and they meet each other and decide to vote for a leader, Ralph wins, and makes Jack head of the hunters. Three boys Jack, Simon and Ralph decide to explore the island. When the boys return, Ralph suggest making a signal fire so any passing ships will see them. The boys make a fire with Piggy's specs, but they can't control it therefore burning a large part of the island. One of the youngest boys with a birth mark on his face is never seen again. After the wildfire burns out, Ralph reemphasizes the importance of the signal fire. Jack tries to kill a pig, but fails this starts his obsession with killing and …show more content…
They cut off her head and put it on a stick as a gift for the beast. (The boys have reached ultimate savagery and they don't care about killing a mother pig and her piglets.) They do not see Simon sleeping between the bushes, when Simon approaches the head he has a hallucination and imagines the head telling him he is in every one of them. Simon faints. The head is named "Lord of the flies", due to the head being surrounded by flies. The Lord of the flies is viewed as Satan and the beast. When Simon wake up, he goes to the mountain and sees the dead parachutist, he knows the truth. There is NO beast, but evil does exist in each and every one of the boys. Simon goes to the beach to tell the others the truth, but when the kids see a shadowy figure they kill

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