What Is The Pain Of Loneliness

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Loneliness is something no body enjoys but everyone experiences. Some people choose to be lonely, such as Crooks, while others are forced, such as Curley’s wife and candy. Crooks has a bunk all to himself, which would've been nice at times, whereas everyone else had 3 roommates. This isolation made Crooks feel like he was alone. Curley’s wife and Candy experience loneliness because the both can no longer to talk to the person that meant the most to them. (Curley and Candy's dog) In John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, it is evident that isolation causes the brutal pain of loneliness. While Curleys wife and Candy don't choose the be lonely, Crooks makes it obvious that he wants to be left alone. On page 67 in Of Mice and Men it says, “He kept his distance and demanded that other people keep theirs.” This shows that he wanted nothing to do with the other men, but on page …show more content…
Some examples of these are “ Candy rolled to the edge of his bunk. He reached over and patted his dog, and he apologized, ‘I been around him so much I never notice how he stinks’” and “‘Well-hell I had him so long. Had him since he was a pup. I herded sheep with him’” Although everyone was well aware of how close candy and the dog were Carlson thought it would be a good idea to shoot him. In heinie sight the best thing probably was to put the dog out of its misery, but in the process they also took away Candys best friend leaving him alone. Another reason Candy would be considered lonely would be because he is the oldest person there. We can assume that Candy feels left out or alone being that he is the oldest one there and also crippled. Also because candy is so much older than everyone else he doesn't get as much attention from girls like the other guys do when they go to the whore house. Since candy doesn't get much attention from girls and he no longer has his best friend he suffers isolation and is

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