Nuclear Weapons Dbq

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World War 2 is considered one of the bloodiest wars in our history. It was the first time the world witnessed the destructive power of newly developed nuclear weapons by the Americans. It was the use of nuclear bombs that officially ended the war, but yet a lot of people condemned the United States for using such frightening and destructive weapons due to multiple reasons such as the deaths of innocent Japanese civilians, the probability of the use of such weapons in future wars which can cause further deaths and other negative effects that the nuclear weapons may cause. Although the use of nuclear weapons may seem immoral and they are indeed very frightening and destructive, America was justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945. …show more content…
According to a 21 year old soldier, he was happy that the invasion of Japan will not occur and that he and his other fellow American soldiers will “... live and grow up to adulthood...” (Document C). Everyone is afraid of dying. No one wants to go to war and die. Everyone just wants to live a happy life. This soldier is just one of those people who want to grow old peacefully and happily. The use of the atomic bomb fulfilled that wish of that soldier and his other fellow comrades. By using the atomic bomb, the United States did not need to sacrifice American and Allied lives to just make the Japanese empire surrender. This prevented further deaths and sorrow for the families of these …show more content…
According to The Pacific Research Society, the atomic bomb caused “radiation sickness” to the Japanese people in the event of the drop of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, which lingered even after “... a quarter of a century later..” after the war (Document E). The Japanese empire should have put into considerations the risks and the consequences involved when they decided to attack the United States which includes the deaths of its citizens. The Japanese government should have surrendered when the American government issued an ultimatum to it, but since it refused to do so, it faced the consequences. So America’s use of the atomic bomb is justified since Japan knows the consequences of challenging America and also since America gave a warning to Japan before it used the atomic bomb.
Atomic bomb is a very dangerous and destructive weapon. Even though other people condemn the use of the atomic bomb, no one can deny that it ended World War 2 and it prevented future massive conflicts to occur which can lead to further deaths due to the fear of complete obliteration by the use of this destructive weapon. Atomic weapons are a necessary evil to maintain peace in this world and protect people’s

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