What Is The Importance Of Sleep Essay

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There are 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, 730 hours in a month, and 8760 hours in a year, and on average we sleep 2920 of those hours which equals 121.7 days we spend asleep out of each year. Why do people waste so much time on sleep when they could be doing more with the time they have? Time is limited, but people don’t realize how important sleep actually is. Getting a good night 's rest is crucial to one 's physical and mental health. There are so many amazing benefits that sleep offers humans bodies and minds, it does not only improves health, it also improves things such as memory, grade and performance, also sharpens attention. Without a good night 's sleep these factors aren 't improving they’re being negatively affected. People have to choice to give their body what it requires to survive or starving it from what it needs and is begging for. Sleep is not optional, it is mandatory, however it is each individual 's choice on how much sleep they get each night to fuel their brains and bodies.
Some people do not see sleep as one of their main priority, but everyone should really take a second to
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After a full night of deep sleep people wake up alert, focused, energetic, and feeling premium. “Sleep is defined a the natural periodic suspension of consciousness in which the powers of the body are returned and restored” (Sortino 1). Studies have shown when people wake up in the morning feeling groggy and extremely sleepy, they most likely did not reach a deep sleep nor get the amount of rest that was needed. When people wake up feeling well rested and restored, they have reached an uninterrupted deep sleep. While we are resting our heads turn off chemicals that deals with your focus and attention, so it can restore them (Andre 1) therefore once humans wake up their bodies are restored and ready to take on the day making it easier to focus and be more

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