What Is The Connotations Of Rape In The Use Of Force

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Being more sensitive when working with children
William Carlos Williams is an author and poet that resides in the city of Rutherford and is based in the state of New Jersey. Williams publishes many pieces of poetry and short stories that expose and relate to everyday conditions. His poetry expresses about life and the lives of common people. William’s work is heavily influenced from the years between the 1920’s to 1930’s. One short story Williams writes about is “The Use of Force”. The story centers on a doctor who visits the home of a family, a mother, father and their poor sick daughter. Mathilda Olson is a young child who unquestionably has a very high fever, and the doctor sets out in his best proficient manner to find out what the cause
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Williams, William Carlos, “The Use of Force.” Published by B&L Associates, Bangor, Maine, USA

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