What Is The Actions Of Medea By Euripides Medea

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In Euripides’ Medea, the actions of Medea where displayed throughout the story as she dealt with a lot of things with her husband Jason. Medea was deeply in love with Jason and had his back in certain situations that he encountered. In the beginning of the story, the nurse states that “There is no greater security than this in all the world: when a wife does not oppose her husband” (787). Her love that she had for him is what made her go above and beyond in a positive yet negative way. Once she found out that Jason wanted to divorce her for the daughter of King Creon, everything began to go downhill. From that point, Medea’s actions began to change significantly as she was deep distraught with Jason. The nurse implies that
“Poor Medea, mournful
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She felt worthless as he left her and their kids to be with his new wife. A husband, whom she loved dearly, had damaged her mentally and emotionally.
She states “out of all the living creatures with a soul and mind, we women are the most pathetic.”(792) This shows that women in the ancient world did not have no right to do anything about their situations like Medea had experienced. She knew that it was unfair that women (including her) could not stand up for themselves even if they attempted. Women in the ancient world were treated differently from the men as if they were not that important. Medea, on the other hand,
Instead of moving on with her life, Medea had allowed her emotions get the best of her. This is what caused her to go into rage. As stated in the past, she had already committed a murder of her brother to show her honor and loyalty to Jason. Now the tables have turned since he betrayed her and their family all at once. She began to have thoughts on murdering their own children. Ever since Jason broke her heart, it affected her to the point where she began to develop hatred towards their two sons. The betrayal of Medea made her want to seek revenge on Jason after what he had done to her. As for modern readers who would view Medea as an evil person who wants to murder her children because she was emotionally abused. She felt that murdering her children would tear Jason
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Medea was a devoted wife to Jason while he was her husband at the time. She did plenty of things to show her love and affection to keep him happy in their marriage. As for her role as a mother, she was nurturing and protective over their children. Even though people view her as a murderer because of her rage, she did it for her own reason. In some point it could’ve been the tragic act could’ve been avoided if the children were not put in there of her rage. In today’s society, there are some women who go into rage similar to Medea. It may not be as harsh in most cases century wise, but the roles are the

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