The Benefits Of Flexibility: An Argument About The Character

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Christelle Jonie Mathieu
Professor D 'Ettore
ENC 1102
06 August 2014
The Benefits of Flexibility: an Argument about the Characters ' Behavior in Sophocles 's Play, Antigonê.
Drama is not as flexible as other forms of literature. As drama is created to be seen, a dramatist should do everything quickly by engaging the audience early and keep it engaged until the conclusion of the play. Sophocles, born in Athena, is one of the greatest literary authors. His work consists of 120 plays, mostly tragedies. Among them, three fall under the same category: Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigonê, which all belong to Sophocles’s Oedipus cycle. Antigonê is the last one in the chronology of events of this cycle, although written first, in 442.
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When Creon finds out that Antigonê tried to bury Polyneicês, he first decides to punish her by killing her sister and her; yet he finally decides to send Antigonê to a vault of stone and free Ismenê. However, Creon receives the visit of a blind prophet, Teiresias, asking him to act wisely because he will pay back for his decisions, corpse for corpse, flesh for flesh. Creon gets angry but agrees to change his plan by freeing Antigonê. Unfortunately, when he gets to the stone, he finds her dead (she has hanged herself), along with his last son, Haimon, to whom Antigonê was promised. Eurydicê, Creon 's wife, kills herself while pronouncing her sons ' name, Haimon and Megareus; Megareus, her oldest son, has sacrificed himself to save Thebes from its ennemies who attacked it. Desperate, Creon asks his servants to lead him away when he finds out about his wife 's …show more content…
They react like Antigonê and Creon in the way that since they believe that their opinions are the right one, or they know what they are talking about, they do not need other people’s advice. Antigonê does not listen to Ismenê’s advice about not fighting against Creon and, as a consequence, she was sent to prison where she eventually kills herself. On the other hand, Creon decides to listen to Teiresias’s advice a little too late; his family pays the consequences. No one will always have the answer to everything. People should be open to listen to advice. This might save one’s life or a loved one’s life.
To some extent, some people might say that it is better to fight for what you believe in instead of accepting what is and that if our ancestors didn’t stand up against past normalcies we would never be where we are today on things like equality. It can also be said that compliance is a sign of weakness, fear, and cowardliness, but it is instead a sign of ability to adapt to new situations, improvise, and shift strategies to meet different types of challenges. Being able to adapt to different situations shows great

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