What Is Naturopathy As A General Umbrella Term For A Variety Of Different Medical Practices

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Naturopathy is a general umbrella term for a variety of different medical practices. These practices include herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and exercise therapy. (“Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors”, 2015, Natural Therapies). Herbal medicine is the treatment of illness using plants and is one of the many treatments used by naturopathic doctors. Herbal medicine focuses on the prevention of illness rather than the treatment of it. The practice of herbal medicine uses the general philosophy of naturopathy in that it treats the body as a whole and aims to cure the root cause rather than the symptoms presented.
Herbal medicine uses herbs (crude plant substance), herbal materials (juice, oils, powders), and herbal preparations (extracts, tinctures, concentrations) that all contain an active ingredient that safely and effectively prevents and treats health problems. Pharmacology, or modern medicine, began its practice with the use of plant based medications (Calapai & Caputi, 2007). In fact, 40% of all modern medications present today are plant based or have synthesized plants compounds (“Plants & Medicine; Top 10”, 2014). The use of herbal medicine is struggling to have a presence in the modern medical field due to its inability to be deemed effective by professionals and patients. Herbal medicine can prevent and treat diseases and therefore, should be considered a valid medical…

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