What Is My Moral Philosophy? Essay

1176 Words Nov 9th, 2015 5 Pages
What is my moral philosophy? I have rarely given this question any consideration, attempted to codify, or label such a concept. I don’t think I consciously realized such a thing actually existed, let alone recognized an ability to define it. My lack of self-awareness is most shocking to nobody more than myself, given I participate in two highly trusted professions within our society: a military officer and a civil engineer2. Nonetheless, my lack of an introspective analysis should not imply I move through life in a self-serving heathenistic manner. In fact, my family, friends, and peers would suggest I possess strong moral qualities and a trusted source for advice. I have rarely experienced problems overcoming moral dilemmas, as I seemingly possess an ability to approach these problems in an objective manner. That being said, and after further analysis4, it seems my moral philosophy is mostly aligned with that of consequentialism. And now that I’ve admitted this to myself, where did I gain this outlook and moral disposition? And, how does this moral system translate throughout my military career? Or, are there associated strengths and weaknesses I’ve never considered? This essay will outline the significance of my consequentialist attitude through an attempt to answer these questions, as well as investigate the origins of my philosophy.
To best describe my moral philosophy it is important to understand where my values originate. I was born into lower middle…

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