Personal Narrative: My Father And Their Relationship Today

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Their relationship today is mutual for the benefits of us. My father married again when I was 9 and they are currently still together. My step mom has two daughters and a son whom are all older than me. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. My siblings and I are very close. I grew up with my little sister and 3 brothers, when my father married again her three kids moved in with my father. When I first met my step mother’s children I didn’t get along with the girls because they were shy and really quiet; I was the total opposite. I assumed they were quiet because they didn’t know us. As years passed we all became very close, I never got bored because on the weekends it was all 8 in one big house. My father took us out every weekend. We went to movies, …show more content…
I made the basketball team and the dance team! I managed both as much as could, it was pretty easy until dates started to collide. I became best friends with a boy name Juwaun Hampton. He was my best friend throughout the whole year the only person I grew a strong bond with. We started to date my sophomore year, we dated until my junior year. He meant everything to me I thought I was so deeply in love, I gave him my virginity the summer before our junior year. Losing my virginity was so scary! My mother gave me so many talks about sex. I didn’t plan on giving him my virginity it just happened. We were at his house in his room, when he started to kiss me. This was normal because we always kissed, but this time it went a little more than that. He started to rub all over my body and slowly take off my clothes. I was scared because I didn’t think I was ready for this! I didn’t know much about sex only that it hurt to lose it and to always use protection. As things got more and more heated, we were fully naked as Juwaun pulled out a condom. We were both young and inexperienced. As he tried to put his male organ inside of me, I could feel the pain more and more. After he finally made it in, he softly stroked his pelvis in a repeated motion. It hurt but I kept telling myself I loved him and it was worth it. I figured I would soon get used to the felling, after a couple of minutes I started to bleed. We both knew what that meant but it still freaked both of us out, so we stopped. Two days later when I went to the bathroom I peeped out blood and I was so terrified because I didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t want to tell my mom because I was afraid to tell her I lost my virginity. Juwaun and I still talk to this day as friends and he will always be a very great friend of

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