What Is Huntington 's Argument ( Known As The Thesis ) And Reason For Writing?

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1. What is Huntington 's argument (known as the thesis) and reason for writing the essay? Huntington started with a hypothesis about how the end of the cold war was the start of a new type of civilization which means it will come with new types of conflicts. Huntington’s argument was meant to explain in great detail the difference in civilizations between the “west against the rest”. Huntington explains that there are two different types of civilizations. These are the most developed and most economically rich countries which he explains is the western nation that includes The United States and our allies. The rest that he talked about in the book is everyone else including the Soviet Union, Middle Eastern countries, and the Asian countries. These countries he explained were the eastern part of the world which are not nearly as developed as the west. They are reasonably less economically stable and rich as the U.S. and our other allies are. This simple yet realistic explanation; explains why in all of the wars that is part of our history has always had the same alliances as he explains it “the west against the rest”.
2. What evidence does he use to prove his argument?
Samuel Huntington I would say didn’t really use evidence to prove his argument rather then estimation of what is to come. He talked about the differences between what started World War one and what started World war two and it just made since because that is all that would be left. The first World war started…

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