What Is Environmental Awareness Essay

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While scouring the internet for cute, fluffy animals I found some interesting websites and shocking stories that I have full intent on sharing with you in the next few paragraphs. You see, we do not often discuss global issues like poverty because it’s easier to ignore than address the problem. And if we can’t even talk about humans, what makes you think we’ll be any more open to environmental concerns? Especially since we are the core reason everything that animal populations are dwindling, along with the trees and natural resources. My main goal for this paper is to raise awareness about the environment and how the human race affects it on a daily basis.
To achieve my goal, I have organized my paper into three sections. In the first section,
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Her entire career began soon after her twenty-sixth birthday when she went to Kenya, Africa. She studied at Tanzanla Gombe National Park, watching chimpanzees in their natural habitat. After years in the park, a marriage, and a child, Jane expanded her research from pan troglodytes (chimpanzees) to anything and everything. She took it upon her duty to tour the world in hopes to educate the future generation about our environment and the creatures that live in it. As the iconic conservationist said, “Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall we all be saved.” And she did just that, devoting almost her entire life to her organization the Jane Goodall Institute, a global nonprofit that empowers individuals to take informed and passionate action towards the environment and all living things in it. No doubt, her legacy will continue on, even after her …show more content…
And the reason this is happening might be shocking when I tell you: it’s you. Its all of us, the entire human race is to fault. We drive the cars and trucks that pollute the air. We cut down tree after tree, destroying the homes of millions of animals and birds. We stop the rivers to better our lives. Our environment suffers from our actions and we don’t do anything to fix it.
Ninety-seven percent of the Black Rhino population in Africa has disappeared since 1960. And up to thirty-five thousand elephants just last year were killed only for their tusks. These people behind the attacks on the endangered wildlife are called poachers. The poachers are in charge of selling, most times illegally, animal parts. Zebra is common pray, usually poached for their skin (for clothing) and meat (for food). However, one of the most rewarding animals poachers tend to go after is the Rhino, its horn going at around thirty thousand American dollars per pound, more expensive then a pound of gold at twenty-two thousand American dollars. But not just adult wildlife is sold, infant Gorilla’s go about forty-thousand American dollars,

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