Bourdieu's Theory Of Cultural Capital

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Although Bourdieu does not consider himself a Marxist’s sociologist, the theories of Karl Marx heavily influenced Bourdieu’s thinking. Marx’s influence is most evident in Bourdieu’s theory of culture capital (kavisto, pg.483). Bourdieu argued that capital forms the foundation of social life and dictates one’s position within the social order. Bourdieu also stated, the more capital someone has, the more power and opportunity he/she will possess in society. Moreover, Bourdieu’s idea of capital went beyond the economic and more into a symbolic realm of social culture, the “habitus and field” of individuals in society. His concept of cultural capital refers to the collection of symbolic elements such as fashion, clothing, material, reading, jewelries, …show more content…
“Habitus” is a structured structure and a structuring structure (lecture, 03.09) The “habitus” structure organizes a system of actions, beliefs, ideas and cultural capital. This pre determines an individual’s potential course of action and status within society. Individuals exist within various fields, which are institutions, and social groups; their “habitus” are always on display whether consciously or unconsciously. Bourdieu uses the term “field” to describe the spaces that individuals occupy within society such as school, work, social groups, and other various institutions. For example, in the field of education the rule of admittance is an exam whereas in the field of business the rule of admittance is success and productivity. Upon entering these fields, the “habitus” is always with the individual representing the symbolic capital that determines the factors of ones position or status within the social structure. All individuals are defined in a comparative manor by marking themselves against …show more content…
In our society college affords you a certain level of symbolic capital that distinguishes you from the lower class and allots you with many opportunities. This has become the norm and most people unconsciously conform to this distinction as if there were no other option. Higher education is great but should not be the only factor that determines our socioeconomic

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