What Is An Event In My Life Essay

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The topic proposed topic of this essay was to describe an event or experience in my life and how it will influence my academic work and goals at Colorado hristian University. I thought back over my life experiences, and realized that there was one in particular that I frequently think about, and probably had the most bearing on my lifes work, and upon my desire to pursue a career in the healthcare field.

When I was ten years old or so, my grandfather, who was a pastor, was driving us back from church when we came upon the churches organist standing in her yard calling for help. Granfather stopped the car, and I heard the lady shrieking for us to go to the basement to help her husband. I rushed down to the cellar door and looked in, discovering
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A friend at church suggested I explore the opportunities in law enforcement, which I had previously espressed an interest in, and I did so, becoming a reserve officer with the local police department, then a deputy sheriff with the county, and and one point several years as a college campus police officer. I excelled in this field, and progressed through the ranks, eventually becoming a deputy with the county marshals office, where I was range master and firearms instructor. During the time I was working as a police officer, I was fortunate enough to enroll in training at a local hospital, where I earned a certification as a Phlebotomist, and worked per diem on my days off from the department, performing procedures in the laboratory, emergency rooms, geriatric and OB-GYN wings of the hospital. I very much enjoyed the work in and about the hospital, and wished to eventually complete my degree and certification in one of the healthcare fields, possibly nursing.

Several years later I joined the county marshals office, I was doing a ride along with a deputy from another department, when we were dispatched to a domestic disturbance call involving a parolee who was armed with a handgun. During the standoff, my friend was approaching the suspect when he fired and shot my partner, killing him. That event would culminate in my developing post raumatic stress disoreder, P.T.S.D. , and I eventually retired from law enforcement due to this

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