What I Thought Was True Analysis

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My parents got married when they were twenty. They were high school sweethearts. Their marriage ended less than ten short years later. When I asked my mother about the marriage, she said that the relationship got too comfortable, she started spending more time on the kids and less time on him,which would lead to his unfaithfulness (Reed). This situation is very similar to the one in What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick. "I 'll always love him." She responds so quickly that I know it 's true. "He was my first . . . everything. I never thought- I never planned- he 'd be anything but my only everything. But the last few weeks- it 's not the same. He 's . . . not the same "(Fitzpatrick 377). In the quote Vivien was talking to Gwen about her relationship with Nic and why she cheated on him. As you can tell, …show more content…
When we think we found our “person” like in the movies we act impulsively and it ends in disaster. “Many people end up not marrying their high school sweetheart because it isn’t a love for another person they are feeling, but it is instead a love of freedom and exploration,” said Brandon Gaille (http://brandongaille.com). This quote expands on the idea that our idea of love is distorted. Marrying your high school sweetheart it is harder than you think. All everyone ever knows is you s a couple with another person, you never get to be alone, if the relationship soon ends than the separation could drive you into loneliness and depression, all because you do not know how to be by yourself. Dating in high school should be used as experience on how to act in a relationship and how to grow with another person by your side. An adult relationship is the next step and if you carry the same person through those steps things are going to change and get confusing for the both in the relationship. Get the high school experience when in high school and use that experience to find a serious adult

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