What I Learned From Youtube Essay

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My fingers raced between the motherboard and the back of the case. I guided cables through the case cutouts like a weaver maneuvering threads in a tapestry. The satisfying “click” of plugging in each cable to its spot on the board drove me to completion. Now that everything was plugged in, I had to work on the most painful part: cable management. Remembering what I learned from YouTube, I routed the cables behind the case until they made two distinct paths. The cables were two rivers flowing around a mountain; beautiful and tough to control. When the PC was perfect in my eyes, I eagerly mashed the power button with my thumb. However, nothing moved and the computer was still cold to the touch. My excitement was suddenly replaced by angst as I tried to find the problem. This was my second time trying to repair my PC, and I had failed again.

It was a bright, summer day. Not a cloud could be seen in the sky. It was a perfect day for tennis lessons which I started taking right before 3rd grade. As I paraded to the tennis court with my dad, I noticed he had a shoebox tucked under his left arm. New shoes. I looked down at my faded turquoise and dark blue skechers. New shoes didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. When we arrived at the tennis court, some of the other students had already started doing their warm ups. My dad sat me down on the courtside bench and opened the shoebox. Oh no! I was horrified, inside were two starch- white tennis shoes with long, flat laces. I had never…

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