What I Learned From My Life Essay

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All the way up until matriculation, my mom raised me while my absent father was at work for most of the day. Even when my father returned from work, the words of my mom were still in my ear. Everything I learned as a child, I learned from my mom: how to sew, how to iron, how to clean the house, how to do laundry, how to cook, how to garden and how to shop for groceries. All these tasks are extremely helpful in modern society, but in the context of rigid gender roles, I learned all the duties assigned to women. Whereas the only lasting thing my father ever taught me was how to grill a steak to reach peak perfection of medium rare. Adhering to the definition of a man, I lacked all the essential qualifications.
I’m definitely not the only male who had this upbringing. In today’s society, men’s upbringing leads them down a life long path of domestication. “We’re a generation of men raised by women” (Fight Club). There are no physically challenging obstacles in life like there were in subsequent centuries. It’s basic evolution; men are have nothing to fight, no war to get sent to, or beast to extinguish, so we regress. Humans evolved to live without protruding brows, and men are continuing this trend of “evolving” from using a sword to a pen. Compared to times where becoming a man necessitated a wartime appearance, the domesticated man’s only appearance is in a cubicle fighting his coworker for a promotion. I’m still waiting for my father to teach me how to change a flat tire.…

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