What I Know About The Elderly Woman Essay

804 Words Nov 5th, 2014 4 Pages
What I know about the elderly woman (I would like to call her Edda) is that she is an older adult who is showing signs of not being able to take care of herself much longer. These types of information are subjective data. In evaluating Edda’s situation, I also need to consider subjective data—my personal considerations. Before meeting a client, even if we try to avoid personal opinions about the client’s situation, behavior, and attitude, often we guess the situation. By guessing, our cultural habits, personal experiences, and bias are inevitably blended with facts. Therefore, in reviewing Edda 's situation I might guess that Edda is vulnerable and lacking physical and emotional strength. She might be dependent to other for daily help and might complain of being tired during the day. Being old, she might also be more susceptible to having problems with stairs and might need assistance with bathing and dressing. Since I do not want to fill my file with subjective data, I need to collect objective data before meeting Edda. A medical report on Edda’s physical and emotional condition would help to figure out Edda’s degree of frailty. Her residential lease would help figuring out if the property owner can start a process of eviction based upon frailty. I would also like to interview Edda and find out how she feels about the situation and about her health.
As I reasoned in my M9 journal, it is difficult to see the world out of another person’s eyes and “it would be arrogant to…

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