Essay on What I Have The Greatest Impact On My Life

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“She’s just a small town girl living in a lonely world,” these are the lyrics to the popular song, Small Town Girl, sung by the band Journey. While to many they may simply be just lyrics they are much more than that to me. Those eleven words have shaped my entire life.
Culture contributes immensely to the personality and identity of an individual. An individual’s culture is based off of many characteristics. However, the ones that have had the greatest impact on my life are my geographic region, family, religion, race, and social organizations.
I come from a small area outside of Harrington, Delaware called Vernon. Vernon is home to approximately 300 people, 20 of which are my family. I have grown up having my grandparents one minute away from me, and no not one minute of driving time, but one minute walking and my aunt and uncle live right next door. My family owns over 500 acres of farmland and over 250 acres of woods. Therefore, yes, I am a country or a “small town girl” and I have been all my life. The location, in which I have grown up, in my opinion, has had the biggest influence on my culture. Being a small town girl and growing up around the rough and tough boys meant that I was by no means into all of the girly things like many of the girls I attended school with. Most girls grow up having their moms do their hair and nails. Instead I grew up wrestling with my brother…and cows, having an entire set of “dirty” clothes, those that I could only wear outside, but most…

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