Essay about What I Admire My Grandma

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Prompt 1 (That’s one adult whom I targeted as a child and said, “That’s who I want to be when I grow up.” (Mitch, pg. 15) Who do you admire? Why?)
I admire my grandma for many reasons, especially because she is someone who has always been there for me and always will be. One characteristic of my grandmother is that she is incredibly determined in every way. This year, my mom, brother and I, along with most of my mom’s family went to Glacier National Park in Montana. We went hiking on several trails, and even though my grandma is over 80 years old, she and my grandpa insisted on coming along. She hiked over 5 miles on the trip. Another thing about my grandma that shows me how much strength she has is something called Carcinoid Cancer. It is a rare cancer that involves the neuroendocrine system, and there are several different forms. In my grandmother 's case, it is a malignant cancer that has spread from her intestines to her liver and now almost everywhere in her body. However, this cancer is very slow growing and if it is found before it spreads, the survival rate is 65-90%. Doctors predict that my grandma has lived with it for almost half her life. Two years ago, my Grandma took part in a drug trial involving chemotherapy and radiation. I cannot imagine the stress, or pain that this would involve for anyone, but despite not being able to have any contact for a week after each of the four treatments, my 80 year old grandma did. It was 76 weeks long, and she was one of the…

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