What Has Shaped Me? Essay

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Once Whole is Now Broken
I was given the exceptional chance to share a great part of who I am and what has shaped me. Given the fact that millions of actions create millions of outcomes in any given day, it was next to impossible for me to pick a singular moment in my life that has helped me grow the most. While I may not have lived a long life, it is a full one, full of pain, anger, sadness but also great joy. After experiencing great frustration at pontificating a proper response, I finally settled on my singular event! It’s my singular event for the fact that it makes up such an immense portion of my character.
Growing up we had a beautiful family living in the sunny, suburbs of California. Our home was over bared with a intense amount of love, compassion, but mostly laughter. As a child you’re blind to the problems in which adults face, and counter actions in which they act on. I was blinded by the struggles my parents always went through. I knew we never had everything we desired but we had all that we needed, food on the table, a roof over our heads, and a beautiful family. Even if some pieces were missing, we were content with our home.

Raising three children isn’t an easy or cheap task. My mother worked on occasion with hopes of helping out an acute amount. As we all know raising three kids and working is extremely difficult, even if there is occasional help. My father worked days operating heavy machinery, and nights as a bouncer. To only bring several hours of…

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