What Happened To The Fall Of The Soviet Union?

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There is a saying stating that what must come up must come down and this is what happened to the red giant, the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union, the soviet giant that Ronald Regan referred to as the “evil empire” spanning across about a third of the world, was forged in the fires of revolution and ultimately going from the tyranny of the Czar system to the red communism that Vladimir Lenin introduced. Even with decades of the Soviet Union in a power struggle with America and capitalism, on December 25, 1991 the Soviet Union seized to exist and broke apart into separate countries, just to name a few some are the countries of today of Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and much more. The fall of the Soviet Union was on the hands of the man who wanted to preserve the union the most. Mikhail Gorbachev known as the harbinger of death to the Soviet Union, was the man who tried to preserve the …show more content…
This new system is with fifteen different independent nations they were linked to other Commonwealth countries by economic, and, in some cases, military ties (www.coldwar.org, 2015). These new countries had to face many hardships such as building up their economies, setting up political systems, and fight over long disputed territories. A number of wars have developed in the former Soviet Union, however all of the strife the people had to go through lead to the democratization, rebuilding and reorganization of many former Soviet countries. The fall of the Soviet Union was inevitable with the policy changes made by Gorbachev, the hate for how bad the economy is, and the need for change going to a more democratic system as a whole. The idea that what must come up, must come down is true with the red giant of the Soviet Union and it was brought down to its knees and completely destroyed by the people in place for better

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