What Happened To Six Million Jews In The Holocaust

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Raleigh, North Carolina has a growing population of 431,746. To try to imagine stripping everything about an entire population and moving them all into ghettos. Then move them again into concentration camps, while killing dozens of them in cold blood everyday. This is what happened to six million Jews in the Holocaust. This event to put simply was a horrific massacre. As Sharon explains “The sad and horrible conclusion is that no one cared that Jews were being murdered... This is the Jewish lesson of the Holocaust and this is the lesson which Auschwitz taught us”. Without looking back and learning from the Holocaust, the horrific events would have all been in vain. Eleven million people were killed in cold blood in the Holocaust, for this the …show more content…
The question that is brought to some is why did Hitler despise the Jews, but the idea that one needs to find is whether or not Jews deserved what they endured in the Holocaust. According to Elie Wiesel, he acknowledges in his book about the Holocaust that the people around him were oblivious to the situation at hand. They never considered that their lives were in grave danger until they saw their loved ones dies. Similarly, they never asked for justification on why they were being brought together, and why they were packed into trains. For example, when Hitler decided that Jews needed to be marked as different, the Germans did not decide to question why. German citizens should have asked questions. The Nazis were stubborn and ignorant throughout World War II. Those that were in power abused it, and only used it to benefit themselves. They would keep women at their side like slaves, look over children as filthy animals, and treated Jews with no respect. The least they could do was to treat them like humans, not even Germans, but at least humans. Instead, their understanding was that they were worse than dirt, and they treated them that exact way. They stepped over them as if they were invisible, spit on them, and would mutilate their bodies for their own personal studies. Even if the prisoners were to question the officers, or any of the German officers their justification for the actions towards Jews, they would wave their hand away and disregard whatever they said. They never stopped to think if what they were doing was morally correct. Being in power does not mean one just gets to just make decisions with anyone questioning them. Everyone is not always right, and that means they don 't always make the right

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