Essay on What Happened During An Event Information ( Pei )

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Eyewitness reports are evidences of what happened during an event. Eyewitness, however, are sometimes not accurate in what witness’ report. A factor that leads to a mistaken eyewitness reports is the role of post event information (PEI) in accuracy. PEI is most likely to occur in co-witness discussion. The person’s memories of the original event can be alter if engages in co-witness discussion of the event before reporting it (Wright, Self, & Justice, 2000). Memory conformity may be the causes of the altering of memory in reports.
Memory conformity is a witness changes the memory report in order to coincide with other witness reports (Gabbert, Memon, & Allan, 2003). PEI is important to understanding how eyewitness reports are not accurate and were neglected in eyewitness literature, until recently (Gabbert, Memon, & Allan, 2003). The goal of the research is to examine the effect of memory conformity and if gender has a role. Furthermore, the research will contribute to the existing memory conformity literature.
Others influence memory in recreating an event a person has witness; our minds can also influence memories by recreating the event. A person witnessing an event is crucial for evidence in many instances, such as witnessing a crime. Memory conformity is important to research because witnesses are evidence in determining the guilty party in a courtroom setting or to guide an investigation on a person. Furthermore, witnesses experience the event first hand and are able…

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