Essay on What Feedback Have You Received From Your Supervisor

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What feedback have you received from your supervisor and how have you received this feedback?
During my placement I have received minimal feedback. This is practically because we are only shadowing therapists and therefore are not evaluated on a lot of our hard skills. In contrast, I have received some feedback on my communication skills. Both therapists at the clinic expressed that I ask very intelligent questions and am very respectful of the clients. They also expressed their appreciation towards how I withhold my questions until after the client has left. Originally they had thought I did not have any questions, however, when I told them my reasoning behind waiting they were very thankful. I was also told that I have good attention to detail and that they were impressed with how much knowledge I have before starting the Athletic Therapy program. One area that I can improve on is my confidence. There were several times where I would write down my index of suspicion in my notebook while she was assessing someone, but when she would ask me what I thought it was I would say I was unsure. After she finished the assessment my suspicion would turn out to be right. The therapist also noted that I am able to show that I have knowledge of the different injuries and treatments but when put on the spot in front of a client I do not always say all that I want to. I found It interesting that she was able to pick up on this so quickly as usually this just comes across as being shy or…

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