What Factors Affect The Strategies Of Set Targets In New Zealand's Dairy Industry

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A: PESTLE are the external factors that affect any business, it’s also the macro

external factors that affect the strategies of set targets in New Zealand’s dairy

industry. And the strategies of set targets are the most important in the business, it

decides the business success or failure, it decides the direction of business

development and decides position of business in the market.


Political is a very important point in business for every country in the world.

Political rule had been designed by the government group. So the government

can control political rule to affect the business. so the set targets would be affected

by the policy。

The spot news from China, government decided fully liberates the second child
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Because the New Zealand’s dairy industry and government

need to analyze the fully liberates the second child policy in China that would affect

and push the exact direction of dairy industry in New Zealand. After that, the dairy

industry would change the target that how many dairy product would product in the

future. So the Political factor would affect the strategies of set targets in New

Zealand’s dairy industry


After the policy affect the strategies of set targets in New Zealand’s dairy industry.

The Economic also would be affect. Because expand its production system would

push the economic, For example, more new-build be built that would push the realty

industry,more labor be hired that would push the obtain employment .etc.

Finally the economic would be pushed in New Zealand.


Be pushed economic would make the government or dairy industry to get the new

targets. For example, maybe the government would expand system of production;

maybe he government would narrow the system of production; everything is possible.


The facts and experiences that influence individuals ' personality, attitudes and

lifestyle. The marketing department of a business needs to take into account
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So the legal factor would affect the strategies of set targets in New Zealand’s dairy



Environment is base for everything, So the changing environment would affect the

people, business, industries.

In New Zealand, Dairy industry is facing limits to further growth. Rising land costs

and competing land use are the first point. Because rising land costs would raise the

cost of diary product, the price competition advantage would be weaker than before.

The second point is water shortages and allocation regimes, For example, base on this

point that the “Dairying and Clean Streams Accord” has been agreed between

Fonterra and the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, and local

Government environmental councils.

New Zealand dairy industries were meeting these challenges through sustainable

farming. Those points are earlier to explain that environment would affect

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