Essay on What Evidence Did You See That Learning Theory?

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What evidence did you see that learning theory was applicable to explaining why/how the author became delinquent? Which specific learning theories are useful in explaining his delinquency and the criminal behavior of others in the story? Which types of delinquency were a direct result of learning from intimate others?
• Reymundo Sanchez will growing up in an abusive household. His step-father beat him and his mother would finish him off. In the book you will realize that these harsh living environments manipulated Sanchez behavior. From the ongoing beatings he received on the daily is the reason who he later become Lil Loco. Lil Loco was a young man who feared anyone who threaten his life therefore he will black out and attack. Due to his environment at home he was able learn no behavior that leveled him out from being the scared kid at home to the tough guy or the crazy one on the streets. Spending time with the Disciples Sanchez learned how to smoke a cigarette which later turned into marijuana by imitating Pot Head. In order to be accepted by the Lords or the Kings you had to be violent. So Sanchez started to enjoy being deviant because his violent acts were rewarded. He did not like being called a coward. His first drive-by experience where he was taught how to use a shotgun showed him the interaction through other will influence his behavior and motivate him to be deviant. He was identifying his self with these two deviant groups and acceptable everything they did.…

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