Essay about What Does You Do You Know That You Have Good Hair?

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Having good hair is ultimately related to good hygiene and beauty. If you have good hair, you are admired and envied by many. How do you know that you have good hair? What builds your confidence about your hair? It seems to all start with external factors, the words, and relations people use to describe you. You begin to relate the facial expressions, gestures, and word usage to positive and negative factors. If the words used have been related to positivity, it begins to build your confidence unconsciously; if negatively described, it will deter confidence. The multiple terminologies used in society to describe hair can cause long-term insecurities in children and ultimately women, who believe that they do not have good hair.
I have never considered myself to have “good hair,” I have always had lengthy hair but not “good hair.” When I was a young girl, I have always heard people suggest that my hair was “thick,” “nappy”, or “puffy.” I have also heard people of other ethnicities describe their hair as “fine,” “course,” or “frizzy.” I have always wondered why there is such a difference in terminology when describing such a general noun such as “hair.” African American children that are born with “silky,” “fine,” or “curly” hair is considered to have good hair. The question that often appeared in my mind as a young child, “Do I have bad hair?” Due to society and the media upholding the standards of beauty, I never could answer that question myself. The beauty standards that…

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