Essay about What Does The Term Rhetoric Mean?

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When defining the term rhetoric it is impossible not to mention one of the most influential Greek philosophers Aristotle. His thoughts and impact on today’s society are still relevant, as they have been passed down throughout centuries. So what exactly does the term Rhetoric mean? According to Rhetoric comes from the Greek meaning "speaker" and is used for the art of persuasive speaking or writing. Though they’re many definitions on the term, the majority agrees it involves persuasion. The job of the speaker is to convince his audience to believe what he saying, though he is not able to convince everybody. In order to give an effective argument it is important to know what the purpose of an argument is. According to Aristotle the purpose of argumentation is to pursue probable truth or what is most probably true when certainty is beyond our reach, test probable truth and guide wise action. To deliver an effective argument it is important to use Aristotle’s three principles of persuasion Ethos (Credibility), Pathos (Emotional Appeal), and Logos (Logic). Also to use to five canons of rhetoric, which often intertwine with Aristotle’s principles. The five canons are: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. These are vital when giving your speech whether it’s an informative or persuasive speech.
First, when determining how to effectively use ethos when delivering a speech one must establish a sense of authority among the audience members. A speaker…

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