What Does The Meaning Of Life? Essay

2286 Words May 8th, 2016 null Page
One of the questions that has troubled humans for centuries is the question of, “what is the meaning of life”. Everybody has their own idea of what the meaning of life is. Although, if there is no clear cut answer, does a true answer actually exist? There is no direct meaning of life, only to survive and enjoy life the best you can. Humans are clearly nothing more than intelligent animals. Animals exist to purely survive and thrive. As humans our main goal is survival. Survival is our meaning of life. We use things such as happiness, love and wealth to enjoy life while we simply survive. These luxuries in our life help make life interesting, fun and sometimes sad. “It is important to distinguish between meaning as a given signification and meaning as an act which intends to signify something” (Eagleton 35). While some try to find meaning behind these things there is no more than what is on the surface. The meaning of life doesn’t exist, happiness, love and wealth are tools we use to make life less miserable. Finding happiness is the goal to many, but not necessarily a requirement by any means. Firstly, we have to define what happiness truly is. Happiness is feeling of joy and contentment. Although happiness is just a feeling, happiness can control our lives daily and affect the way we interact in different situations. “Happiness as a state of mind may require untroubled surroundings, but it does not require a particular kind of politics” (Eagleton 87). The idea and action…

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