Life Is Objectively Meaningless Analysis

In this paper, I will talk about the idea behind the Myth Sisyphus in Taylor 's argument that life is objectively meaningless. According to Taylor’s argument “life is objectively meaningless”, he says that life seems to be hard to interpret because the answer to define “what’s the meaning of life” is not clear to what sort of thing that is counted in life. For example, if you have a dream, you will have a goal, the goal is the meaningful activity in your life because if you have a goal you have a possibility. Then possibility will lead to reality. Once you have a goal in your life, your life will be meaningful. On the other hand, if your goal never accomplishes, your life becomes meaningless. Life can be meaningful if you can change and create your own idea and results in something new. Taylor also explains that that life would be easier if we imagine our life is meaningless existence. He explains that life is meaningless by comparing the three examples of myth Sisyphus. The myth Sisyphus is well-known to be a good …show more content…
Many people would say that since you have a goal, your life should be meaningful because at least you know what you’re doing in your life. However, what makes Sisyphus life is meaningless because his “goal” is being forced from God that he deserve it from the punishment and this goal is a lifetime goal. The activity from his goal will goes on forever and nothing will ever change from his life and nothing will change from what he is doing. In my opinion, life is meaningful when the times I achieve something and be awarded but I also feel like not all accomplishment goes smoothly, sometimes it fades away, and all the hard work I’ve done become meaningless because of this I have to redo everything again. This is an endless cycle in our life. Sometimes things go smoothly and sometimes things go as you don 't wish

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