What Does The Judicial System Helps Maintain Order? Essay

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Throughout this semester we have talked and learned about many different subjects in sociology. although many have interest me only some have related to my life. Those chapters are Families and Intimate Relations and Conformity, Deviance, and crime. These subjects relate to me in many different ways from family life all the way to friends and college life.
In chapter 15: Families and Intimate Relations it talks about Functionalism. Functionalism is a theological perspective based on the idea that society consists of different but related parts, and each one of those parts serves a purpose. Examples of this is how the Judicial System helps to maintain order, or how schools teach children. This relates to my life because of my family. Basically if my family was a society each person in my family although deferent serves a purpose. I live in a nuclear family, my mother, father and two sisters. Along with this I have extended family living in my house hold, my grandmother. My family is a conventional family. Meaning my father is the one in charge of the income, working. While my mother is the homemaker. She cleans the house, cooks and takes care of all three of us children and also takes care of my grandmother who has Alzheimer. This is completely different from how most families are now a days. Many families have both parents working. Its just a change in times and my parents choose to stay as a conventional family. Another thing that this chapter talks about it Cohabitation.…

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