What Does The Fbi Serve Us? Essay

1244 Words Dec 8th, 2014 null Page
A lot of people like to pop the question "what does the FBI serve to the U.S.A and what do they contribute to the country?." Not knowing what they do and how they contribute to the country, could be pretty hard knowing the fact that they like to stay secretive and most of their cases are top secret. Their priorities are highly focused on 10 things. Which are terrorist attacks, foreign intelligence operations, cyber based attacks with high-technology crimes, combat public corruption, civil rights, combat transnational criminal organization, enterprises, combat major white-collar crime, significant violent crime, federal state local international partners, and upgrading technology to fulfill their missions. The main priorities for the FBI gives validation of what they do and how they help the country by giving all they have. The FBI agents are highly trained in combat and technological bypassing. Might wonder how the FBI got their name. It has started with no name since 1908 when it was first created by General Charles, and he called it the special agent force. General Charles was the first to be named as the first leader of the force. The second name was in 1909 called the Bureau of investigation (BOI) by General Wikersham, where to having less than 70 employees hired. Than given the name of Division of Investigation (DOI) having it not stick it was then generated to the United States Bureau of Investigation. By then it was Rosevelt serves having its name as the FBI in the…

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