Essay about What Does Sustainability Mean?

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What does sustainability mean? Sustainability is becoming one of the largest concerns of our modern day society. As the human population grows, especially in Third World countries, but around the globe as a whole, the demand increases for jobs, food, water, shelter, land, energy, and sanitation (Our Common Future, p.46). The rapidly growing demand for these basic and fundamental necessities present new and unprecedented challenges through which we must meet these demands. In order to do this, we must invent new and innovative solutions, as Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result,” the old solutions of yesterday, will not, and cannot, be implemented to solve the problems of tomorrow. When we walk out into the unknown we must be wary of impeding upon the potential to satisfy these fundamental necessities for our future generations, or referred to as “Tomorrow’s Child” (Ray Anderson’s TED Talk, 2009). Currently, my definition of sustainability, with respect to the necessities I mentioned above, is to not take more than what can be replenished at a natural rate. In regards to the physical state, I would consider sustainability to be the slow yet steady progression through which growth is always attainable, and risk is managed such that major setbacks are either prevented, or avoided altogether. One way I think of this, is through the example of drinking and driving. It is not sustainable to drink…

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