What Does Structural Injustice Do With The Economy? Essay

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What does structural injustice have to do with the economy? It is making the rich richer and the non-rich poor? Is it possible that affluent nations have played a part in establishing economic structures that contribute to some of today’s hunger and starvation issues? Stanly Mooneyham states, “The heart of the problems of poverty and hunger are human systems which ignore, mistreat, and exploit man (Sidler 136).” Economics is central to our world. I believe there should still be an attempt to understand economics even though it is no fully understand by many. With that, I believe the only way we can change what we are doing wrong is by evaluating seven issues that involve structural injustice and contribute to world hunger. First, I will discuss good and bad features of today’s market economies. Then, the debt of very poor nations, natural resources and the environment, and multinational corporations in the Third World.
First of all, what is a market economy? The New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary describes “market economy” as an “economic system in which prices are based on competition among private businesses and not controlled by a government (Market Economy).” This explains the abundance of wealth and production owned by private enterprises of which prices are set based on supply and demand. Whereas, communist economies are the opposite. The state owns the means of production and just about everything is controlled by the government.
Do market economies help or hurt the…

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