Examples Of Systemic Injustice

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Asia Ansari
Barbara Worthington
English 1A
8 November 2017
The Systemic Injustice “We must not allow ourselves to become like the system we oppose”- Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This quote reminds me of the history between the United States and Great Britain, and when the United States still existed as small colonies controlled by the British empire. How Great Britain made the U.S. colonies socially inferior, didn’t accept their religion belief, and used the colonies’ wealth for their own needs. It was exactly because of the injustice behaviors that the colonies separated themselves from Great Britain and became the United States of America, one of the strongest nation in the world. Ironically though the United States and their government
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However, that was the cover story to sell to the world making the government look good. Seeing that as how the more White investigated, the flow of oil money from the Osage headrights, the more he found layer upon layer of corruption (Grann, 154). The guardians would use their authority and their wards inexperience’s in the field of business, and would use it to their advantage and fool their wards to score extra money for themselves. The unprincipled guardians were generally the most influential white people in the community like the businessmen, ranchers, lawyers, to a politician. The guardian system was nothing more than business to the guardians that they even gave a name to it; it was called the “Indian business”, which they made a tremendous amount of profit from. In the book Killer of The Flower Moon, By David Grann, it mentions that “There has been millions – not thousands – but millions of dollars of money of the Osage dissipated and spent by the guardians themselves.” As I mentioned earlier the guardians would use their wards, the Osage tribe members trust for their guardians to take advantage of and steal the ward's money and make profits from. For example, one time a guardian bought a car for $250 but what he did was resold it to his ward for $1,250. Through that dishonest deal, he made five times the money he originally bought the car with. Basically, the whole guardian system was nothing more than a sophisticated criminal operation that the government of United States and its citizens manufactured, because of their prejudice against the Native American, for if it had been a white society such injustice would have never occurred if it had never this server. It seems that the U.S. government rather their own kind take money from others by deception rather than letting the party have

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