What Does James Joyce Mean By The Name Eveline? Essay

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What does James Joyce mean by the name Eveline? From his collection of stories, Dubliners, “Eveline” is the tale of a young women at the moment of her decision to stay or leave the town of Dublin. At first glance, sure, the name “Eveline” is just a name for this character. It can be interpreted as simply letters strung together on paper to create a word. However, Joyce is well-known for his tendency to select names in his writings that relate to a larger universe around him. Names are significant for their power to construct identity for a person. It is crucial in providing social history and context, especially for human-beings. The name Eveline is therefore significant in understanding “Eveline” because it solves literary identity, symbolism, and epistemology as it develops language into substance.
James Joyce never directly states why he chooses the name Eveline. Thus, we can infer that he leaves it to his readers to theorize his ambiguous reasoning. Joyce shows a passion for words and for substance and is well-known for how he changed fiction writing in the twentieth century as it took advances in focusing on context. Hossein Pirnajmuddin and Shirin Sharar Teymoortash, in their article “On James Joyce’s EVELINE,” describe Joyce 's attitude saying that, “…he thought about names a great deal and found [such] occasions to be formal, playful, or artistic…” (36). Names basically are symbols to represent objects in real life and therefore, the perspective Joyce had of words to…

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