Essay on What Does It Mean?

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What does it mean to be native? I went into this project pondering this question. The answer I got wasn 't as I expected, it was coded and confusing just like the people I observed. When you think native one might think feathers, yelling, horses and shooting things with bows and arrows. While there may be feathers and yelling these isn 't as much as you think. I wanted to learn about this culture and the way its people live because this is my heritage that I was never able to be a part of. You see the native people are a very peaceful people who feel they have a sort of connection to everything around them. It 's a shame that everything isn 't sunshine and flowers with these people they refer to themselves as the forgotten people. No one really looks past the decorative dances of the native people; they were suppressed, abused and converted in early centuries. When you think of the native people you think of the characters from peter pan, Red skinned, dancing around fires, feathers, colors, screaming and bows and arrows. Now some of that may be true it prevents you from looking past and seeing the true people, you only see a community of tree huggers. They are a very deep and spiritual people, the beliefs they have are quite interesting and different. Sadly the Native American religion is very difficult to explain. There were a vast number of tribes and with each tribe came a different version. To add to the complications nothing was written in the tribes everything was…

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