Essay about What Does It Mean?

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Before discussing a social phenomenon that would need to be described in a careful analytical and perceptive details. One would need to know what does it mean to “Exoticizing the Familiar”. To exotic the familiar is to “reveal the natural attitude and open it to critical reflection, analysis, and the possibility of change”. By working within what is known and analyzing it from a step back point of view, one would understand the distinct things that are taken for granted. In today’s society, we as humans have committed a phenomenon that is rarely not talked about. It all begins on the social norm on sexual partners one has. For example, why are women consider a “slut” for having more than one number of sexual partners, but it is encouraged for males to sleep with multiple women to be deemed a “player”. This name calling is not only just used for the reason of sexual relations but as a way of power. Using the words in a degrading sense is what is being analyzed. The double standard, how males are fine with doing anything manly, but if females do anything other than what may seem feminine in the views of others may be seen as a “whorish” or different. To look at this from a point of view and to exoticize it, one must start from the beginning.
From a point of view of stepping back, one can look at how we as a society interrupt what is going on. In the age of teenagers and young adults, very provocative degrading words are thrown around, such as “slut”, “hoe”, “skank” and many…

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