What Does It Mean You Be Green? Essay

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What Does it Mean to be Green?
• Summary:
This book is all about ways to be green in our current society. With all the different environmental issues happening in our world today, it is important to teach students how to protect their environment. This book is a fun and easy resource in understanding just how to protect our earth. This book explains what it means to be green and also gives the ways students can be green. All of the suggestions are very applicable to the students’ lives. For example the book gives some suggestions, which include recycling. The book places great emphasis on recycling and addresses it throughout. Then it suggests turning off the water when brushing your teeth. They also suggest setting up carpools and using both sides of the piece of paper. These issues are all very connected to early childhood and can easily be put into action. The book also talks about spreading the news about being green. I thought that it would be very cool to have the students spread the word to their families as an easy way to extend this unit to the family. For my family extension activity I would have children explain to thier parents or guardians what it means to be green, then have a family meeting to figure out how the whole family can be green. This way the child is applying what they learned from class, as well as helps the environment. I also wanted to involve my students’ families by collecting recycled materials from home to do recycling activities in school,…

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