What Does It Mean Be An Effective Leader? Essay

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, Australian schools, although still central to ‘nation building’, have been thoroughly scrutinised in light of current trends and influences such as globalisation, increased cultural diversity and massive technological changes (Mulford, 2008). Concerns and questions have centred around speculation on future employment opportunities for students and the skills, knowledge and understandings they might require to make active contributions to a rapidly changing world.

As curriculum has changed to meet needs, schools no longer aim to fill students with knowledge and information. Instead, learning is personalised and students learn skills and capabilities deemed transferrable within a range of educational or employment situations.
As the learning environments morph to meet the needs of the future, how is this change initiated, who leads and manages its implementation and what does it mean to be an effective leader?

When mentioning the word ‘leadership’, it is often difficult to get past the perception of a familiar structure with one person at the top of an organisational pyramid. With that one person sits responsibility for all other members of the organisation and a mandate to act on behalf of those being led, making all decisions and handling all situations. (MacBeath, 2013)

Within a school context, that perceived person would be the principal. In most educational settings heavily guided criteria remind a selection panel that this…

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